You're invited to the Accelerator party at RDC!

Roforco is throwing a party at RDC! If you’re interested in the accelerator, want to pitch us or connect with developers like you, then you should RSVP and come over!

5-8pm, Sept 8th

Parklab Gardens, 1379 4th St, San Francisco

Parklab gardens is one of SF’s best kept secrets, just 20 minutes away from RDC!

The accelerator party is happening there and it’s open to all RDC attendees for free. We’ve got everything from mini golf to outdoor dining from local, family owned food trucks and we’ve reserved space for over 150 people - we cant wait to see you there!

About: Roforco is building a new accelerator program.

We’re a team of frontpage devs who fund founders like you with up to 30,000 USD to build their next Roblox game. We’re here to help you succeed and give you unfair advantages like mentorship, resources and hands-on-support. 

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Free food + stickers!

No age restriction