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Accelerator games get unfair advantages

We want to help accelerator games build the most successful game they can, so we’ve developed resources and infrastructure to help games get there cheaper, quicker and easier.



We invest $30,000 into every game on unique terms at a custom valuation. This investment is made in stages, based on development milestones.

Across 3 stages, we invest around 30,000$ into each game. This number fluctuates based on the terms and valuation but we always keep to the following proportions:10% to prototyping, 50% to development, 40% to launch and marketing.

Marketing & Influencers

We assist you in creating and executing various marketing campaigns, and connecting you with major influencers and partnership opportunities.

We help games in the accelerator execute custom marketing campaigns that fit their game, utilizing a mix of influencers, ads, social media, and more.


Roforco has worked with major influencers like Flamingo, ItsFunneh, Meganplays and many more, accumulating over 30M views on Youtube & TikTok.

Help with Hiring

We help you find and reach top candidates by hiring through Roforco, using our recruitment tools and our profiles on platforms like Linkedin and Talenthub.

To help you hire, we teach you how to set up hiring pipelines, pick the right candidates and provide access to our tools and profiles which allows you to attract better candidates. This includes our existing network of developers and hiring leads, which you get to pull from. In future, this will be the contractor network.

Contractor Network

We give you access to a network of the top developers and contractors on Roblox, across disciplines like Art, VFX, Ui, GFX and animation.

To help you get the highest quality work from the best contractors (commissions) on Roblox, we give you access to the network of vetted developers we or another accelerator team has worked with before. In future, this network will scale with every batch and games will be able to rate and review the contractors they’ve worked with.

1-1 Support & Guidance

We make you a better game developer and founder, by mentoring you as you develop your game and providing exclusive knowledge and tips/tricks.

The accelerator has a team of partners: experienced and successful developers who are assigned to you and your game as mentors. They provide you with guidance, suggestions and their knowledge on how to make a successful games.

The partners also write and maintain to our internal library of knowledge on game development practices – think of it as a closed access Devforum filled with tips, tricks, strategies and nuances, learnt from years of experience building games.

Liveops Support & Continuity

Optionally, we can run Liveops for you if your game is in Stage 4 (Continuity) and you no longer wish to update or work on it.

After several months, some developers no longer want to work on their game and prefer passing over maintenance and updates to us. Usually, the founding developers spend % on a duration of us providing liveops. However, at this stage every deal is unique and details are pitched to each teams It’s just a reminder that we offer this.

Internal Community

Everyone who is accepted into stage 2 (Development) becomes a part of our alumni community for life, sharing knowledge and tricks with other alums.

The accelerator alumni community is probably the most powerful and useful on Roblox. It’s powerful not just as a result of the developers and games in it, but also because every alum creates at least one resource to benefit the entire community ranging from tools, to open source systems and dev guides.

Direct Line to Roblox & UGC access

We help you reach Roblox, ensuring that your moderation requests, unbans and technical questions get dealt with quickly – letting you get back to building.

Roforco can reach every department at Roblox and works closely with the developer relations team. Most commonly, we help resolve auto-bans and moderation issues on assets like images but we can also directly report engine bugs. Additionally, we have an account that can upload UGC and Limited (Free & Paid) items for your game.

Devtools & Tech

We build out and offer various devtools, platforms and plugins for you and your game, which you can use to build a better, quicker and cheaper.

The first batch will not have extensive tooling as we don’t yet know what the biggest problems other developers face. However, we already have several devtools that have been partially made from our studio days, including an asset manager, QA platform, data /analytics scrapers and a UI resolution manager.

Work with top global brands

We put you in touch with brands, IPs and advertisers when your game is ready for it, helping you grow your revenue and audience.

After the growth stage of your game, we may start bringing you brand & IP deals ranging from billboards to custom game updates/content. One of our investors is one of the world’s top 5 biggest marketing agencies and there’s a constant supply of brands/IPs wanting to innovate into the Roblox space.

Sound appealing? Applications close soon.